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" Never let your truth become absolute. If so, you are stepping into ignorance.".

(Gypsy Boris Hanovick)

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Curso de Iniciação as Técnicas 
Terapêuticas e Energéticas

Um curso que te possibilita ir além das habilidades técnicas. É um verdadeiro ato de amor, prórpio, pois aprende se cuidando!

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Curso de Baralho Cigano 

Em março teremos mais uma turma de baralho Cigano

Em breve

Agenda  2024

Tenda Cigana

20/04 - Tenda Cigana
18/05 - Tenda Beduína
26/05 - Festa de Santa Sara


21/04 - Festa da Ogum (Caboclo e Boiadeiro)
19/05 - Homenagem aos Pretos Velhos

Tenda Cigana - 
20/04 às 16:00

Inscrições a partir de
17/04 às 13:30hs


Festa de OGUM - Consulta com caboclo
21/04 às 15:00
Inscrições a partir de
17/04 às 13:30hs



Welcome to Tsara Hanovick, we are a gypsy tent destined to work with spiritual gypsies, in our working days we have pass, consultation with gypsies, reiki treatments, crystals, pranic healing and in every day work the Salamandra ritual. We work every 15 days. Welcome!


Our mission is to be totally dedicated to love our neighbor, opening our arms to those who seek peace, love, healing and also to alleviate all evils of the soul. Our motto is charity and we open our doors to listen and help to all who need it.



Caravan Hanovick


It all began on August 10, 2004, when the spiritual gypsy Boris Hanovick began his spiritual work through his medium.


Along this road with a lot of work, in search of development and the remedy for the pain of the soul of those who pass through its path.


One day he said that his caravan was formed in the astral and that at the right time we would all be together.


The time has come, started a caravan as leader of wonderful gypsy spirits. Always serious and observant, he takes great care of his group.


Today this caravan set up camp to follow a new road, in search of a new place that was announced by the salamander.


In a short time by the union of the astral this place was already written in the polar star, where we guided and found ....


Now it's time to reassemble the tents, lay your campfire on the floor and carry out the works ....


This is our gypsy caravan.


Slowly more mentors Gypsies join us in this beautiful work.

festa boris-128.jpg


We have reiki, crystals, pranic healing, gypsy advice (oracle, runes, hand reading, iris reading) and our salamander ritual.



Our house works every 15 days, always on Saturdays. There is distribution of passwords for free gypsy advice from 15 hours. Opening of work at 4 pm. Ending preview at 8:30 p.m.


Check out all the events here at Tsara Hanovick. You will have information about our most recent activities and what is yet to come. We also provide regular updates and information about our programming. Read more below and visit us often to not miss anything.

Trajeto de floresta

"The earth is my home, the sky is my ceiling and freedom is my religion"

Cigano proverb

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